Javier Corso (1989) is a photographer, founder and director at OAK stories (documentary agency). His photographic work originates from the need to communicate about aspects of the human condition through means of local, smaller-scale stories.

He began working as a documentary photographer in 2011, publishing in media like National Geographic, Al Jazeera, TIME Lightbox, GEO magazine, VICE, PAPEL (El Mundo), El País, 7K magazine or Revista 5W. Among the cultural centers that have hosted and exhibited his projects, the following stand out; The Cervantes Institute in New York, the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts and the International PHOTON Festival. His documentary work has been recognized by the International PHOTON Festival (winner grant), Px3 - Prix de la Photographie Paris (bronze medal), Moscow International Foto Awards (third place) International Photography Awards (honorable mentions) and as a finalist of other contests such DAYS JAPAN International Photojournalism Awards, the World Reporter Award / European Photographer, the Contemporary African Photography Prize, the Siena International Photography Awards and the Balkan Photo Awards, among others.

Corso started his studies as photographer at Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC) in 2008. He coursed a Photojournalism Postgraduate at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) in 2010 and he began his professional career working on national journals such as El Periódico de Catalunya or El País. He starts his activity in the world of cinema at Escola Superior de Cinema i Ausiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC) in 2012. 

Now a days he heads OAK stories, a company composed by journalists and storytellers specialized in the development of documentary projects carried out by multidisciplinary teams. 

Javier Corso is currently based in Barcelona and he combines his rol in OAK with his work as a professor in different photographic centers and schools such as the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC), Gris Art Escola Interacional de Fotografia and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), among others.

Director & Founder at OAK stories since 2016 (documentary agency)

SIGMA Ambassador since 2017


National Geographic · AlJazeera · TIME · GEO · PAPEL / El Mundo · Equal Times · Il Reportage · MO* · 7K / GARA · 30 minuts /Tv3 · The I.O. · LensCulture · Planeta Futuro / El País · Revista 5W · ARA · VICE · XOOW Magazine · Revista Número · FOTO4all · Periódico Diagonal · ABOUT Photography · Phosmag · Resource Magazine · SEISGRADOS · FLINT Magazine · Crónica 21 · CNN · Contrapoder · Reset · LUX 2012 awards book · El País · El Periódico de Catalunya · L'Agenda de la Imatge · Contrast · YAH! Magazine · Digitalfoto


2017 - "D.OAK magazine", Director & Designer (300 u.)
2015 - "Fi Su", sponsored / self-published (200 u.)


· Finalist DAYS JAPAN International Photojournalism Awards, Tokio
· Selected LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism, Hannover

· Finalist Photogrvphy Grant, 3rd Edition 
· Finalist World Report Award (WRA), Festival della Fotografia Etica, Lodi
· Finalist Direct Look Photography Awards, Moscow
· Finalist Prize for Contemporary African Photography (CAP)
· Finalist Siena International Photography Awards (SIPA)
· Best Photostories Balkan Photo Awards, Balkan Photo Festival
· Winner Grant Joan Cabanas-Alibau, Qgat Foto 

· Honorable Mentions (2), International Photography Awards (IPA)
· Finalist European Photographer Award, Festival della Fotografia Etica (WRA)
· Bronze Medal Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3)
· Winner CLIC'16 Shortfilm, Diomira & Generalitat de Catalunya

· Jessica Lum Award for excellence in photojournalism, Morpholio
· Emerging Talent Jury Winner EyeTime 2015, Morpholio
· Nominee in 10th Spider Black&White Awards
· 3th Prize Photo Essay, Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA)
· Honorable Mentions (3) , International Photography Awards (IPA)
· Selected PHOTO BOOK Exhibition, Guatephoto Festival
· Selected EI Awards, Encontros da Imagem Braga
· Finalist DOC.Field Documentary Photography Dummy Awards
· Selected PHOTO BOOK WEEK, Editorial La Fábrica
· Winner PHOTON Novel Author Grant, International PHOTON Festival
· Selected Itinerarios Fotográfcios PA-TA-TA Festival
· Photo Romania Grant for Young Photographers, Photo Romania Festival
· Selected Descubrimientos Photo España, Festival Internacional PhotoEspaña
· Best 50th photographers BIPA AWARDS 2015, Valid Foto Gallery
· Winner project EMERGENCIAS 2015 Emerging Aritist, Centro Cultural de Noáin

· Emerging Talent Jury Winner EyeTime 2014, Morpholio
· Winner project Fòrum Fotogràfic Can Basté Grant, Espai Fotogràfic Can Basté
· Winner project CLIC'14 Grant, Diomira & Generalitat de Catalunya
· Finalist PHOTON Novel Author Grant, International PHOTON Festival
· Honor Award Popular Culture Photography Contest 2013, General Direction of Fine Arts (Spain)

· Finalist Florence-Shanghai Prize 2013, Present Art Festival
· First Prize III Tritón Multimedia Contest of Digital Photography, AFS
· Official selection VAIVÉN exhibition, Spain arts & culture

· Finalist LUX 2012 Awards, Professional Photographers Association of Spain (AFPE)


Festival DOCfield (Barcelona) · Fundació Cabanas (St Cugat del Vallés) · FineArt Igualada (Igualada)

Photogenic Festival (Barcelona) · Photo Romania Festival (Cluj Napoca) · PHOTON festival (Valencia) · La Nau Bostik, (Barcelona) · Espacio ALUMBRE (Ciudad Real) · Espai Fotogràfic Can Basté (Barcelona)

Centro Cultural de Noáin (Navarra) · Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (Tampa) · VISA OFF Festival (Perpignan) · Itinerarios Fotográficos PA-TA-TA Festival (Granada)

Instituto Cervantes de Albuquerque (Nuevo Mèxico) · XIII Fòrum Fotogràfic Can Basté (Barcelona) · Fundación SETBA (Barcelona) · VISA OFF Festival (Perpignan) · XI Olot Photographic Biennial (Olot) · XIX Strip Art exhibition of young artists (Barcelona) · Ciudadela de Jaca Museum (Jaca) · Instituto Cervantes de Nueva York (New York)

International Festival FotoWeek DC (Washington D.C.) · Traveling exhibition LUX'12 Awards (Spain)


2016 - All at Once Visual Storytelling Workshop provided by VII Agency, Barcelona
2014 - Freelance Journalism in Conflict Zones provided by Mayte Carrasco, Madrid
2013 - Photo Editing A to Z Workshop provided by Elizabeth Krist (National Geographic), Washington D.C.
2013 - Lighting with Masters workshop provided by Kiko de la Rica (A.E.C). at ESCAC, Terrassa
2012 - IX War Correspondent Workshop for Journalists provided by Spanish Army, Madrid-Toledo
2012 - Cinematography Workshop (Digital & 35mm) at ESCAC, Terrassa
2011 - Essay in Conflicted Areas course provided by Sergi Reboredo at IEFC, Barcelona
2011 - World Press Photo Winner Workshop provided by Walter Astrada at CCCB, Barcelona
2011 - MAGNUM Photos Workshop provided by Peter Van Agtmael at Al·liquindoi, Barcelona
2011, 2012, 2015 & 2016 - Journalism and Photography Seminary provided by Gervasio Sánchez, Albarracín


2013 - Master of Fine Arts in Cinematography provided by Tomás Pladevall (A.E.C.) and Xavi Giménez at ESCAC, Terrassa
2011-2012 - Photoreporter course provided by Rafa Badia at RUIDO Formation, Barcelona
2010-2011 - Postgraduate Photojournalism at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB), Barcelona
2008-2011 - Photography Degree at Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia (IEFC), Barcelona