Audio: Español / Subtitles: English

Media team: Sibila Estruch, Arianna Giménez, Santiago Sepúlveda, Alex Rodal, Neus Marmol & Javier Corso

TIERRA VERDE is a photographic and audiovisual project developed by OAK stories about the richness and control of the land in Colombia, the country's oldest conflict. The struggle for control of the land’s richness and the right to exploit its resources is an ongoing dispute in which the weakest struggles for its survival. The mines of Muzo, the emerald capital of the world, have produced great fortune for the mining owners who disputed them for decades in the so-called "green wars" at the end of the last century. In those days, the so-called "guaqueros" were gathering daily by the thousands around the valley in the hope that under the dark soil would arise the stone that would rescue them from their extreme poverty. After environmental Colombian laws prohibited the dumping of leftover grit and rocks from the mining excavation into the river, there are only a few dozens of workers who continue to remove the debris with their bare hands. When a “guaqueros” finds an emerald he can try to pay a confidence carver to revalue the stone. If the emerald has some value, he will sell it to a merchant who trade with this gems in the streets Bogotá.